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Book Reviews

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Sara J

Courageous Convictions & Always 2nd Best

Love these! Easy reads that I could relate to. When is the next one coming out?

JR Ellis

Courageous Convictions

Emotional and heartfelt. Have picked it up a few times after the first read just for another look. Thanks

Barb D.

Always 2nd Best

This book made me laugh and cry all in one sitting.

Timothy Henderson, Jr.

Courageous Convictions. Being an old student of the author allowed me to see deeper into the mind of someone I idolized and will always remember for being a strong leader in a classroom while also making sure everyone is comfortable and succeeding. In 6th grade you can't grasp the concept of balancing work and home in this manner, but this collection shows how anyone can have emotions. The unique quality of this book is that it shows these emotions are flowing, living, directed at and through you, and most importantly sporadic. Flip to any page and you will connect to it on some emotional level, but each poem will bring you to a moment in your life that you wish you read this sooner. I hope to find time to read the other books soon. 

Sheila Clarkin Cullen

Angie's publications Courageous Convictions and Always Second Best are cerebral, emotional, and visceral accounts of a contemporary women's journey through life. It takes honesty and talent to compose and put a pen to paper, but to share this with others requires courage and vulnerability. Reading through the poetry is liken to having an honest, safe, conversation with a very dear friend. It's a bit of prose and a bit of rap by a gifted lyricist. It fulfills the human need to think, feel, probe, lament and create resolve. It saves room for truth and stands in hope. It left me thinking that there's always more in life... more work, more heartbreak, more grief, more love and more hope. I look forward to reading the next chapter from Angie Kesler. 

Steven Ward

Courageous Convictions is one of the most relatable works I've read in a long time! It covers every emotion in a way that it felt like I wrote the poems myself. It shows how some things are just universal to the human condition and is a great example of what writing is best at. 

Meag R

What an amazing collection of poems!!! Beautifully and passionately written with such truth and realness. Each poem is heartfelt and relatable. Hard to put down once you start reading.

Steven Ward

Always 2nd Best continues the skill that Angie shows in giving voice to the ethereal. Can't wait to read more! 


Very deep thinking. This reveals the author's heart...

M Smith

Always 2nd Best

This book is an amazing collection of poems! So many of them related to similar things I have experienced in my life...made me really think about those things and made me want to be a better person...truthful and honest...not fake! I love these poems!!!

M Smith

Great confidence booster! This book, Courageous Convictions, is absolutely amazing. It made me realize things that I didn't want to face but needed to. It made me want to be a better person to others and to myself. It really opened my eyes!!!! Great book!!!


Wonderful! When I read the poems, I felt very connected...makes me want to be a better person!